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Net4U Rules and Guidelines
Rule #1 To mark locations, you MUST register with Net4U. Registration is FREE.

You must be 18 years of age or older to register.

Click here to view our privacy policy. WE HATE SPAM and will not sell, rent, loan, or give your contact information out without first obtaining your permission! And, Net4U will NOT send you unsolicited email.

U.S. citizens (military or civilian) living abroad MUST contact Net4U for an account, since IP addresses outside the U.S. are blocked from registering or posting. If this applies to you, you will not be able to register or mark a spot unless you contact us.

Rule #2 Registered members can mark and identify fishing-related places, such as marinas and bait shops, near a fishing place. However, indicate ONLY THE NAME of the marina, bait shop or local restaurant, but NOT promotional info such as operating hours, phone numbers, email addresses, website links, products or services!

Your user ID will be displayed at the bottom of the information popup window for each spot that you mark. No personal information will be displayed unless you use your name as your user id.

Rule #3 Only fishing-related markers are allowed on Net4U.
Putting a marker on Net4U that is NOT within a few miles of a fishing location and does not relate to fishing is prohibited. The rule of thumb is, "If it doesn't make it a better fishin' trip, then it is not appropriate."

Rule #4 When marking a spot on Net4U, please respect anyone who marked that spot first by putting your marker either to the side of that marker or behind it.
Do NOT put your marker in front of their marker!

Note: Each marker is logged in our database with a date/time stamp, and it is first-come, first-served.

Rule #5 NO HTML links - either website or email!

Rule #6 Do not deliberately post bogus, inaccurate or deceptive info.

Rule #7 Use English when making a posting. All other languages will be deleted.

Rule #8 Pornagraphy, profanity, cussing, or any other form of being rude, crude or offensive postings are not tolerated.
Violators will be permanently banned without warning! Net4U's information is for everyone (including children). Keep all postings clean and friendly.

Rule #9 Only fishing tournament directors can post markers for tournaments.
It's FREE but requires a special account setup. If you are a tournament director and want to post markers for your tournaments, please click here and send us a message with your organization's name, your name, your email address and your phone number. You'll be set up and running in no time! You can post tournament locations nationwide - as many as you need. That includes posting links back to your tournament site for sign-up forms, tournament specific information, etc.

Rule #10 Use the appropriate marker when marking a spot.
For example, if you're marking a spot for bank fishing, then use the bank fishing marker.

Note: It can take 1-72 hours for marked spots to show, because we review (and edit when needed) markers before they go live. We may need to email you for clarification. If you don't respond within 72 hours, your marker(s) will be deleted, and you will be notified of the action.

Copyright Notice: We hate having to do this, but in today's environment we must if we want Net4U to remain a viable free public source of fishing information. All markers, their information and their longitude/latitude coordinates entered into Net4U's database becomes the copyrighted material of LDJ Enterprise and cannot be published or reproduced in any form or manner without the expressed written permission of LDJ Enterprise.
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